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Exam Bank

Being a collection of exam-prep questions, a test bank is created by authors and field experts.  

A test bank contains Multiple-choice questions, Fill-in-the-blank, True/False, and Essays. 

Absolutely not! It is completely legal to use test banks for exam preparation. You can use this tool to hone your skills and get a better grip on the subject. 

We never guarantee that students will get the same questions in the actual test paper. The faculty may change values or the question itself to trick students. However, you may find many similar questions on the test paper. 

Questions do not change a lot from one edition to another. New questions may get included based on new content and chapters.  but changes are not significant.

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Test banks do not have any specific number of questions in each chapter. There might be as low as 5 questions in each chapter and as high as thousands questions. 

Yes, samples are available for all question banks. You just need to share the name of the book and we will provide the test bank sample copy. 

No, it is not our responsibility to put the same question on the test paper. We never guarantee that you will find the same question on the test paper. 

Yes, a test bank is a collection of the exam-prep question with their right answers. A solutions manual provides solutions for all the textbook questions, exercises, and cases. 

Both test bank and solutions manuals are available in Word or PDF files. Buyers get only digital copies of the test bank. 

You can pick any secure payment option to buy the test bank. BTC, PP, and Skrill options are also available. 

The waiting time depends on when you place the order. We can send the file immediately if we are online. It may take a few hours if we are offline. 

No, you can open the test bank or solutions manual file on any smartphone, tab, or PC. 

Each test bank and solutions manual costs differently. 

No, an older version of the test bank won’t affect your exam preparations. It will provide more than enough questions to help you answer all questions accurately. 

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