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How to Overcome Stress Before Exams?

It is common to feel stressed when final exams are approaching. Most students feel concerned about passing the test. It may happen due to the toughness of the subject, poor tutoring, and lack of educational resources. If that is not the case, you should not worry about anything. 

Schools and universities conduct exams to assess your learning potential. If some students fail to answer questions accurately, they need more practice and training. Therefore, they do not pass the test and remain in the same year. 

You may not like to spend another semester or year in the same grade or year. Learn how to cope with stress and take the exam preparation to the next level to avoid failure. This post will give you some amazing methods and solutions to avoid stress and feel confident.

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Why do students feel stressed before the exam?

Exam pressure causes stress. It is a natural response and all students feel that pressure. Experts believe that exam pressure is good for students. It encourages them to work harder and prepare better before important exams. 

If there will be no pressure at all, you won’t feel like studying. It often happens to students who did not prepare at all. They do not worry about failure and attend exams only for formality. 

If you are experiencing excess pressure, it is not good for you. Excessive pressure can trigger stress and anxiety before the test. The following things may cause such issues before the exam:

  • Worrying about how you will perform in the test and whether you will pass it or not. 
  • Not understanding the text featured in the book. It is taking much longer than you expected. 
  • Poor exam preparation and lack of exam preparation time can also trigger stress. 
  • Learning, memorizing, and recalling a huge amount of information before the final exam. 
  • You are prepared well but worried about the marker’s assessment methods. 
  • You need to do well in the upcoming exam to secure a scholarship or entry into your favorite institute. 
  • The family is overly excited about your result and expecting too much from you. 
  • Other problems in your life are affecting your exam preparations. 

Every student feels stressed before the exam due to one/all of the above-listed reasons. Is it possible to reduce the pressure and avoid stress? Yes, it is possible and you must keep things under control to do well in the exam. So, let’s find out how to overcome stress before final exams.


10 Ways to Overcome Stress before Final Exams.


10 Ways to Overcome Stress before Final Exams

  • 1) Know your exam syllabus 

You cannot overcome an obstacle without assessing its dimensions and position. Similarly, students cannot prepare properly without knowing the syllabus. You should contact the instructor and ask about the syllabus. 

Suppose it is a college test, ask how many units students must prepare for the test. Your instructor will happily share syllabus details. Once you got the information related to the syllabus, start reading and learning. 

Exam preparations demand prolonged readings and an understanding of the topic. Modern students have many resources to cover complex topics faster. So, use all those resources to accelerate your exam preparation. 

clean and quiet environment in your room helps you focus more on your study and thereofre better exam preparation

  • 2) Declutter your room to have a clean and quiet environment

Are there too many distracting things in your room? You have to remove all those things to stay focused on exam preparations. School students need to understand that their chances of qualifying for a good university depend on their grades. So, it should be your top priority to get good grades in the upcoming test. 

Keep the study table clean and remove all the distracting things from the room. Experts recommend turning the study room into the test room. It psychologically prepares you for the test. You remember things much longer and feel more confident. Thus, the risk of failure decreases and you do not feel too much stress. 

  • 3) Do not set unrealistic goals

Students must know what they can achieve during the time they got before the exam. Unrealistic goals can hurt and scare you. It is not necessary to chase the same milestone set by your buddies. Know your learning potential and then set a realistic goal. 

Parents should also not put too much pressure on children because it will trigger stress issues. Let the student assess his true capacity and learn at his pace. There are certain tools students can use to ease exam preparations, which you will find later in this post. 

  • 4) Set up a schedule for studying 

You can easily reduce stress if follow a flawless study schedule. Suppose you are covering several subjects before the final test, distribute your hours according to the toughness of the subject. Give more time to tough subjects than easier ones and follow that work schedule. 

Start following the timetable since the beginning of the semester. Thus, you will get habitual of following that schedule when exams are close. If your exams are already closed, follow the study schedule until you got two-three days to prepare for a particular subject. Focus on specific subjects during the exam. Thus, you will cover all topics and revise them multiple times. 


A regular workout can make things a lot easier in exam preparations.

  • 5) Stay physically active to keep your mind active

Seasoned psychologists ask clients to have a healthy mindset to avoid stress. Students should not worry too much about their future because everything is possible. Even the most talented and top-scoring students fail to gain top positions in major firms. Sometimes dropouts prepare revolutionary products that make them some of the richest people in the world. 

You should think positively to avoid stress. A regular workout can make things a lot easier. You will get more blood flowing to the brain and you may enjoy refreshing sceneries in the morning. Get some fresh air and move your body to get more blood to your brain. You will learn faster and keep the data stored in your brain much longer. 

a clean diet helps you stay focused during your exam preparations

  • 6) Eat fresh and healthy foods

Eating healthy foods is not too tough for school students because most of them live with their parents. College students need to avoid unhealthy food options. Fast food and processed food can trigger health issues. Such foods only make you fat and lazy. Whereas, fresh and healthy foods improve your memorizing capacity and performance n class. 

Students should get more veggies and fruits in their diet. Source ingredients from the local farmer’s market to get fresh supplies. You can try many delicious recipes during your free time and develop a new hobby. Cooking and other activities also help students relieve stress and cover the syllabus faster. 

studying with groups is an efficient way to prepare for exams

  • 7) Invite your classmates to the study 

An exam preparation-related study was published in Linguistics and Education in 2004. It indicated that absorbing information from school/college notes becomes much easier with your peers. 

Students often prepare assignments with college friends. It encourages them to prolonged preparations and better learning. Suppose there are some tough concepts, you can ask your friend to explain them. Thus, you can cover all important questions without wasting time on complex methods and concepts. 

  • 8) Frequent breaks can help you relieve the stress 

How often do you rest while studying at home? If you only take one or two gaps while studying 8-10 hours a day, it can trigger stress, anxiety, and other such issues. Get frequent breaks and do things you like the most.

Suppose it is a 30-minute break, listen to your favorite songs, play some mobile games, or take a walk outside the house. Those activities will reduce unnecessary stress and help you find new ways of cutting exam preparation time. 

  • 9) Do not stick to only one type of resource

It is all about passing the test and scoring impressive marks. That won’t be possible if you only stick to the same exam preparation resource. The textbook is extremely essential, but you can get more online resources. 

Check websites and videos to understand things faster and attend new chapters. If you only use the textbook, it may be tough to understand everything from the text. It will increase the pressure and cause stress. Audio and video lessons can help much better than plain text published in the book. So, go for the new solutions. 

test banks help students save time and boost their exam preparations.

  • 10) Do not hesitate in buying and using the test bank

A test bank is available for all textbooks. It provides a list of exam-prep questions that faculties use to prepare exam papers. You can use the same list to focus more on important questions. It will boost your confidence and help you pass the test without putting too much effort into preparation. 

A test bank is a legally used tool for exam preparations. Textbook publishers produce it specifically for faculties. However, students can access the latest test banks online without any trouble. 


It is natural to feel exam pressure and get worried about results. You must ensure that exam pressure and stress do not affect exam preparations. Follow the solutions shared in this post to overcome the stress. Thus, you will perform exceptionally well in upcoming tests. 


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