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Downloadable Test Bank – College Physics by Openstax 2/e



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Download the Latest Test Bank for College Physics by OpenStax


Openstax has published the College Physics textbook for an algebra-based physics course. Unlike traditional textbooks, College Physics uses real-world examples to teach fundamental physics concepts. It helps students relate theories to practical things. Thus, learners grasp concepts quickly. 

This textbook is pretty useful for students, who are familiar with algebra and trigonometry. It does not require prior knowledge of calculus. It provides you with many topics explaining the basics of physics. Illustrations, concept questions, simulations, and practice opportunities make it the best source of knowledge for science students.  

What is the College Physics by OpenStax test bank?

The College Physics test bank is a collection of questions. This file provides numerous exam prep questions created by textbook authors. The original test bank file is published for college faculties. Students cannot buy printed copies, but they can download a digital copy of the test bank. 

Why should you download the test bank?

The College Physics textbook covers everything from the introduction to particle physics. It is a huge textbook and it can take months to understand all concepts, theories, and rules. Most students fail physics tests due to a lack of preparation time. The test bank accelerates your preparation to ensure you pass all tests. 

Who should get the College Physics by OpenStax test bank?

Whether you are an instructor or a student, you need the test bank. Instructors can use this material to prepare the best test for students before the main exam. Students can trust the test bank to find exam prep questions and pass tests without any trouble.  


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  1. George M.

    Excellent tool to get used to physics

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