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Downloadable Test Bank – Introduction to Corporate Finance by Booth



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Introduction to Corporate Finance has helped many students understand how Canadian corporate finance work. Globally acknowledged researchers Laurence Booth and Sean Cleary have created the text. Their work describes how finance relies on three major things, economics, accounting, and law. 

This textbook helps instructors teach finance theories and how to apply them. It also covers near fields in finance, which can help Canadian students pursue better career goals. Students learn about the global financial crisis and how it affects countries across the world. 

Students can learn from major incidents and why they occurred in the past. Curious students can find all answers in this textbook and learn to avoid major financial issues in businesses. 

What is the Introduction to Corporate Finance Test bank?

The Introduction to Corporate Finance textbook is filled with essential lessons. Students get a lot to learn from seasoned authors. Chapters provide many lessons and exercises that help student grasp concepts and principles. It is the best textbook to learn corporate finance, but you need to spend hours learning all those concepts. If you do not have months to prepare all the published theories, you may fail the test. 

The Introduction to Corporate Finance test bank provides hundreds of exam prep questions. Prepare only the recommended questions and you will pass the test. 

Benefits of the Test bank

The test bank helps you pass exams and recognize topics that matter a lot. Textbook authors prepare the question bank to assist instructors. Now, students can also buy and download it. 




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    Being a college who is working part time, paying test banks fees wass a bit of burden. But it is worth it.

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