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Downloadable Test Bank – Lifespan Development: A Chronological Approach by Hoffnung


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Lifespan Development: A Chronological Approach, 2nd Australasian Edition is a good referecnce for students studying developmental psychology. Written by Michele Hoffnung, this book provides an introduction to the field, including coverage of key theories, research and contemporary topics. This updated version features fresh content on the latest evidence-based approaches, and features suggestions for further reading. With an engaging writing style, Lifespan Development is ideal for gaining a complete understanding of the topic.

What Will you Learn from This Course?

This course covers key concepts in developmental psychology and provides a chronological approach to understanding how people change and grow over time.

Specifically, you will gain knowledge about the physical, cognitive, and socio-emotional development that occurs throughout the lifespan. You will learn about milestones in each stage of development, as well as factors that can influence growth and change.

Using the Test Bank to Pass Your developmental psychology Exam:

The test bank provided with “Lifespan Development: A Chronological Approach, 2nd Australasian Edition” by Michele Hoffnung is a life-changing study tool for students. With a wide range of practice exam questions at various difficulty levels, students can rely on the test bank to prepare for the exam and achieve astonishing grades. The included answers allow for self-assessment and improvement. Don’t miss out on this essential resource – purchase the test bank now and give yourself the best chance of success on your upcoming exam!


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