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Downloadable Test Bank- Organic Chemistry, Solomons


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Organic Chemistry, 12th Edition SolomonTest Bank ( supports later and earlier versions as well)

Designed to help students get familiar with the field, Organic Chemistry 12th Edition focuses on the relationship between reactivity and structure. The authors have methodically organized the content. The goal is to combine important traits of a functional group approach with reaction mechanisms. 

All authors want to law weight on mechanisms and their essential aspects. Simultaneously, they want to take advantage of the unifying features of functional groups. This approach is clearly visible in most chapters of the textbook. 

What can students learn from Organic Chemistry 12th edition?

Students can learn:

  • What is organic chemistry and why it is an important subject? 
  • How organic chemistry works. The authors have followed a mechanistic approach to describe it.  
  • Students learn what organic chemistry does in living systems. They learn how it affects the physical world around them. 

This textbook teaches a lot about our world. Students, who like to explore how things work in living systems, will find it an engaging textbook. 

What is the Organic Chemistry 12th Edition test bank?

You can spend hours reading this textbook. It describes the latest studies, their results, and how organic chemistry affects all living creatures on this planet. However, it is daunting to cover all topics a few days before the exam. 

You can download and use the test bank to stay focused on exam-prep questions. The test bank provides questions in various formats. You can use this material to prepare mock tests and revise smartly before the final exam. 

Request the free sample now and buy the test bank if you find it useful! It will certainly improve your knowledge and performance in the exam. 



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