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Downloadable Test Bank – Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control by Inderbitzin


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Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control Test Bank

Discover the new theories, concepts and perspectives developed in Inderbitzin’s second edition of Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control. This book is an invaluable resource for all social science students, researchers and practitioners seeking to deepen their understanding of deviance and social control. Delve into fresh insights on topics such as the relationship between media and deviance, gender and power, and cultural deviance. You’ll also gain a better understanding of the causes of deviance, theories of social control and the politics of punishment.


Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control 2nd Edition is an excellent textbook for anyone trying to open a new perspective on deviance and social control. This text examines how social control theory provides an explanation for deviance and the function that it serves in society.

The book begins by exploring the works of Émile Durkheim, who believed that deviance was necessary for a successful society. Durkheim argued that deviance serves three functions:

  • clarifying norms and increasing conformity,
  • strengthening social bonds among those reacting to deviance,
  • leading to positive social change.

His view toward social control can be understood as something that can be weakened when individuals recognize no other rules of conduct than what meets their own interests.

The author then moves on to examine the various aspects of social control theory. It considers the effects of one’s family and peers on behavior, the role of moral panics in shaping public opinion, and how surveillance and punishment can be used to regulate behavior.  Finally, the book delves into discussing the impacts of culture and socialization on social control

The Test Bank:

Accessing the Test Bank for Inderbitzin’s Perspectives on Deviance and Social Control 2nd Edition can open up a whole new perspective on deviance and social control. The test bank is full of high quality exam questions to ensure that students are able to effectively understand the material, as well as prepare for their upcoming exams. With the help of the test bank, students can feel confident in their coursework no matter how difficult the instructor has set the exam.


The test bank offers a range of benefits, including:
* Comprehensive question sets ranging from multiple choice questions to essay prompts that cover the entire textbook.
* Answer Keys Provided.
* Written by famous textbook authors.


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