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Downloadable Test Bank – Public Health and Society Current Issues by Burke


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Public Health and Society Current Issues by Burke [Test Bank]


Take your exam prep to the next levels using the Test Bank associated with Public Health and Society Current Issues by Burke.  It features practice exam questions written in light of the textbook and its content.  This resource can substantially contribute to a better understanding of key public health principles, which ultimately leads to mastering core concepts and passing the class with the wanted results.

Test Bank – Features and Content

  • 350 Professor revised exam questions
  • Multiple choice questions and short answer essays
  • Answer keys are provided to evaluate your performance
  • Focuses on the synthesis of info and the development of critical thinking
  • Available as word documents
  • Covers the entire 10 chapters of the book
  • Exam questions from textbooks’ authors


Reasons why students might need Public Health Test bank questions


Students enrolled in public health classes go through a lot of complex material and challenging topics that require deep understanding of the concepts in addition to having the ability to apply the knowledge learned.  Test Bank with its practice questions offers numerous advantages to students. Here are some of them:

  • Making Complex Concepts Easy: By presenting various questions that directly relate to key concepts.
  • Better Information Retention: Through regular practice and recall of info, students improve long-term memory (commonly known as Testing Effect)
  • Promoting Critical Thinking: Students that frequently interact with challenging questions develop a stronger ability to think critically.
  • Mastering Theory and Practice: Scenario-based questions allow students to apply theoretical concepts into real life situations.

How to Access the Test Bank?


The test bank in its entirety is available at Exam-Banks.com.  You can get it as simply as clicking the “BUY NOW” button.  Follow the instructions to complete the order.  Once your order is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from us.  Shortly after placing the order you will receive your test item files as downloadable word documents. You will have unlimited access to the test bank as long as it is stored on your machine.





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