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Downloadable Test Bank – Cognitive Neuroscience by Banich, 4e


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Practice Test Bank Questions for Cognitive Neuroscience by Banich, 4th


An accessible introduction to mind and brain studies, Cognitive Neuroscience by Banich demonstrates the author’s knowledge of clinical and societal issues in enhancing the reader’s understanding of the brain. It explores the brain and cognition, with a focus on mental functions like perception, language, emotion, memory, social cognition, and attention. There are also illustrations, figures, tables, and examples to aid your understanding.


If you’re reading Cognitive Neuroscience as part of your coursework, our practice questions can help you ensure mastery and improve your performance in class and during exams.


With more than 750 exam questions, the test bank is the perfect guide for your exam prep and study sessions. It features various question formats that are typically found in tests such as multiple-choice questions, true/false statements,  and short answer questions.


The questions have been carefully designed to have a good balance of theory and application so you’ll be well-equipped to tackle all types of tests on the subject. They were written by recognized experts so you won’t have to contend with poorly written questions or items that fail to demonstrate absolute proficiency in the subject.


We brought together faculty members and authors to write questions that are most likely to appear in real exams. This ensures you get enough practical experience before undertaking the actual test.


Our test bank is available as a Word document.  Just download it and get started right away. With our Practice Questions for Cognitive Neuroscience, you can improve your understanding of the human brain more easily and quickly. Get our practice questions today!


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