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Downloadable Test Bank – Financial Management of Health Care Organizations


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Financial Management of Health Care Organizations: An Introduction to Fundamental Tools, Concepts and Applications 4E


The latest edition of the book introduces the most widely used methods and tools of healthcare financial management. It covers financial statements, health care accounting, cash management, collections, and billings. Students learn how major healthcare organizations make capital investments. 

The authors have described how to determine the cost and use that information to make flawless decisions. This textbook provides information on everything from budgeting to pricing and performance measurement. 

The Perspectives section is new in this book. It displays the most advanced view of the field. Besides, students learn about the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. There are financial statements revised by experts from the field. It covers statements shared by both private and non-profit healthcare facilities. Students get a comprehensive text to cover everything the job requires as a professional. 

What is the Financial Management of Health Care Organizations test bank?


The authors have covered all crucial aspects of the Financial Management of Health Care Organizations. Charity care, bad debt, financial statements’ importance, cost of capital, discount rate, etc. are some major topics in this book. Students have to go through all the information published in the book to prepare well for the test. 

The book is pretty helpful, but it reveals many concepts that are difficult to understand. You have to practice time and again to understand the logic and principles of healthcare financial management. The test bank makes learning a bit easier by helping you focus on important topics. So, buy the Financial Management of Health Care Organizations Test Bank to prepare for upcoming tests. 


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