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Downloadable Test Bank – Introduction to Political Science by Openstax


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Introduction to Political Science by Openstax – Test Bank


OpenStax’s “Introduction to Political Science”  is an engaging textbook that takes you on an interesting journey of the world of politics. However, with so many theories and concepts involved, mastering your Political science  class is not always an easy task, and that is where the necessity for practice becomes evident.



Students of Political Science face a lot of challenges. The massive number of terms, concepts, and theories can make the class daunting. How students can retain all that info? How students ensure they are learning rather than just memorizing? The answer is practice, practice, and more practice!



We are pleased to announce the availability of the Test Bank –  an effective exam prep resource designed to help you pass you your Political Science class.  The Test Bank contains authentic exam questions that cover all chapters of your textbook. 



This collection of practice test questions, is the only official resource to complement Openstax’s introduction to political science book.  It contains 400 multiple choice and True/False that vary in difficulty. These premium practice questions have been developed by leading Political science professors and they are sure to help you master your class.

Advantages of Using the Test Bank in your Political Science class:

  • Improved Memory: Studying with practice questions helps improve your ability to recall information quickly under stress and pressure.
  • Confidence Boosting:  Familiarity with the same type of questions that can be seen on actual exams will make you feel well-prepared for the test, which in turns help you encounter exam anxiety. 
  • Better Understanding of Complex Concepts: Regular practice with the test bank questions allows you to deeply comprehend complicated Political Science concepts in an easy and practical way.



So getting the Test Bank is only a click away. You can also request a free sample chapter before making a purchase to discover the genuineness of the Test Bank.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the Openstax's Introduction to Political Science Test Bank?

A Test Bank is as a study tool that allows you to boost information recall, enhance understanding of politics, and ultimately increase your chances of success in your upcoming political science class.

How can a Test Bank benefit me as a student?

The questions in the test bank have been crafted by famous political science textbook authors and college professors who posses years in experience teaching, training, and examining students in the field of politics, which means you will be studying and practicing with unique and authentic questions that can not be found elsewhere.

How many questions does the Test Bank contain?

There are 25 questions per chapter, with a total of 400 practice questions.

Do you have the Solutions Manual as well?

Both the test bank and solutions manual are available for Openstax's introduction to political science course.


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