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Downloadable Test Bank – Openstax Calculus Volume 1


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You’ve just taken the first step towards mastering your Calculus class.  Welcome to the official page of Openstax Calculus V1 Test Bank.  Published by OpenStax, this resource is designed with aim to improve your calculus mastery and is targeted for for students pursuing degrees in Math, Physics, engineering, and Computer Science.  

Featuring over 600 Multiple Choice Questions, this Test Bank provides an excellent way for exam prep. With wide range of practice questions of various difficulty levels, you can make sure you are ready to tackle any kind of problems related to syllabus of Calculus 1.

These practice questions are designed by textbook authors to test your understanding of core concepts such as limits, derivatives, integrals, and their applications. Through consistent practice, you will be able to gradually to solve the hardest problems within shortest amount of time.


  • Authentic exam questions that help you prepare effectively for your exams.
  • A wide range of difficulty levels to cater help you get ready for any kind of exams you may encounter.
  • A focus on practical applications of calculus principles.
  • Availability in a convenient PDF format.



Efficient exam prep is all about practicing with real exam questions, and this test bank provides just that. For a lot of students, Calculus is a nightmare, but with Openstax Calculus Test Bank it should not be. Students having access to these practice exams will have the advantage of studying with questions developed by Calculus textbook author, which allows them to practice confidentially with authentic questions.

Grab your copy of the test bank and start acing your Calculus exams in no time!   

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  • What is the Table of content of Calculus 1?

1. Functions & Graphs. 2. Limits. 3. Derivatives. 4. Application of Derivatives. 5. Integration. 6. Application of Integration. 

  • What is the difference between Calculus 1 and Calculus 2?

Calculus I and Calculus II are sequential courses in U.S. colleges.  Calculus 1 covers basic concepts such as limits, continuity, derivatives.  Calculus 2, on the other hand, covers more advanced topics such as techniques of integration, sequences & series.  You will NOT be able to enroll in Calculus II without completing calculus I. 

  • Why students are usually worried about taking Calculus classes?

Calculus is a bit different from math you’ve done before, like algebra or geometry. It has some abstract concepts like infinity. Being good at foundational math is super important but if you’re shaky on those, you’ll probably find calculus tough.

  • If I get the Test Bank, will I get the answers as well?

Test bank provides both the questions and answers.

  • What makes the Openstax Calculus Test Bank unique?

The most astonishing feature of the test bank is that it has been developed by Calculus textbook authors. 


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