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Downloadable Test Bank – Principles of Accounting Volume 2 – Managerial Accounting by OpenStax



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Welcome to the only official Test Bank for “Openstax Principles of Accounting Volume 2: Managerial Accounting.”  This premium study resource contains pool of practice questions that have been carefully created by the same authors who wrote the textbook. This means you will be practicing with authentic exam questions that are similar to what you will encounter in your in-class exam.



The test bank is packed with over 2000 test items, including multiple choice questions, true/false, and problems in order to provide you with more in depth honing of your problem solving skills.  These practice questions vary in difficulty from basic to challenging, so that you can gradually build up your skills from basic to more advanced levels.



What is really cool about the test bank is its convenient digital format. Rather than having to wait for shipping and flipping through heavy pages, the downloadable format gives you flexibility to access your material anytime and anywhere, which can greatly attribute to better productivity that you can study during your busiest days.  And since this testing materials are published by Openstax, you can expect a high quality test items that reflects textbook content and mimics real real exams difficulty.

Main features:

  • Chapter by chapter coverage
  • Real-world examples and practical exercises
  • Electronic digital format

Advantages of Using Openstax’s Managerial Accounting Practice Test Bank:

  • Better exam preparation
  • Improved chances of passing 
  • A big step forward achieving business career goals
  • Facilitates deep understanding of managerial accounting

Start your exam prep today with a deeper understanding, and ultimately acing your class! Buy your downloadable version of the Test bank and start a new chapter in your Managerial Accounting journey.

Frequently Asked Questions:


  • I am not very good at Financial accounting, Can I enroll in a Managerial Accounting class?

Yes, you can take a managerial accounting class even if you’re not good at financial accounting. While some concepts overlap, Managerial accounting’s focus is pretty different.  So it may be beneficial to have basic knowledge of Financial accounting, but it is not an absolute requirement.

  • Are answers included in Managerial Accounting test bank?

Yes, all questions in the bank come with their corresponding verified answers.

  • Is the Solutions Manual available (End of chapter answers)? 

Yes, you can find both Test Bank & Solutions Manual on our site. However, you will have to buy them separately. 

  • Why I should use Openstax’s Managerial Accounting Tests?

OpenStax’s test bank offers authentic exam prep experience by allowing access to questions crafted by the same authors as your textbook, ensuring alignment with your course content. 

  • Does Managerial Accounting require a lot of calculations?

Managerial accounting does involve a fair amount of calculations, as it requires the analysis of financial data to assist in management take wise decision.

  • Will Managerial accounting class help me in my CMA journey?

The (CMA) certification and managerial accounting are closely linked. The CMA certification is highly recognized credential that demonstrating a mastery in managerial accounting. Therefore, if you are planning to pursue CMA certificate, mastering Managerial accounting class would be the first milestone.

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  1. Accountant, MBA, CPA

    Good service. While I love the service that the exam-bank team provides, the solution manual does not really break down the math calculations . It no provides answers and we would love it if the author would break down how they got the answer to the questions at the end of each chapter, in the back of the book. It’s a helpful study guide but isn’t very helpful when there’s workup of the math problems so that we can understand how the answer came about. Otherwise, I give the solutions manaual 3/5 but the customer service at exam-bank is 5/5.

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