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Downloadable Test Bank – Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropology


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Delving into the world of Physical Anthropology,Clark Spencer Larsen’s Discovering Physical Anthropology takes readers on a fascinating voyage through time as it uncovers the roots of our species. By scrutinizing the fossil record, the author investigates the evolutionary past of Homo sapiens and our nearest kin, offering insights into the reasons behind our appearance and behavior. This book equips its audience with a comprehensive grasp of human evolution, tracing our journey from the earliest ancestors to present-day humans, while shedding light on the cultural customs that have molded us.

A brief introduction to the book

“Our Origins: Discovering Physical Anthropology” by Larsen is a beginner-friendly textbook delving into human evolution, genetics, primatology, and human variation. Ideal for anthropology and biology students or curious readers, the book offers clear explanations, engaging visuals, and helpful learning tools such as end-of-chapter summaries, review questions, suggested readings, and Test Bank, making it an excellent resource for understanding our evolutionary journey.

Pass your Physical Anthropology class with our test bank

Struggling with your physical anthropology exam preparation? Discover the ultimate test bank, crafted by expert faculty members for Larsen’s “Our Origins” textbook. This indispensable resource offers a diverse range of practice questions at varying difficulty levels, ensuring you reach your maximum potential. Don’t just dream of acing your exam – make it a reality by investing in this exceptional exam prep tool and elevate your study game!


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