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Downloadable Test Bank – Sport Psychology with Dave Collins


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 Practice Test Bank for Dave Collin’s Sport Psychology Essentials


Sport Psychology Essentials by Dave Collins and Andrew Cruickshank is a fantastic read for anyone interested in physical education.

Teachers, coaches, and even athletes can learn how to combine their mental skills with physical abilities to achieve spectacular performance goals. Dave Collins, a professor at the University of Edinburgh with 350 peer-reviewed publications, has outlined unique insights into the psychology of a sportsperson.

What makes this book different?

The authors have a unique take on learning, making Sport Psychology Essentials stand out from the rest. With this book, you will:

  • Discover techniques to improve motivation, imagery, self-regulation, and concentration
  • Gain a deeper understanding of sports psychology
  • Integrate mental skills training into a holistic training approach
  • Practice your mental skills during physical training to have an elite athlete mindset on the field
  • Assess your and your team’s mental skills
  • Learn advanced sports psychology techniques that fit your personality and lifestyle to increase motivation, confidence, and self-regulation
  • Enhance the team’s potential through leadership, team culture, and shared mental models
  • Optimize performance using program development, motor skills training, talent development, and strategies
  • Be inspired by real-life success stories

How this helps

The authors leverage accessible learning materials in case retaining this complex information is challenging.

Students prepping for exam questions can use the following from the book:

– Instructor guide

The book has sample syllabi and summaries to assist with teaching, activities, assignment topics, suggested readings, and even YouTube links.

– Test package

You can find a Test bank of 222 questions in various formats, like true or false, fill-in-the-blanks, and multiple choices. Instructors can use the material to give out tests to students. Students can also use them as practice questions.

Approach teaching and learning differently with the test bank for Sport Psychology Essentials by Dave Collins and Andrew Cruickshank. You will not regret it.


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