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Downloadable Test Bank – Designing Your Life by Bill Burnett


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Pave Your Path by Designing Your Life With Bill Burnett & Dave Evans practice Test Bank


Bill Burnett and Dave Evans noticed something simple yet profound: everything has a design, even the smallest object on your desk.

So, doesn’t this mean your life is designed for success by you, the one living it?

Designing Your Life – How to Build a Well-Lived Joyful Life explores how an individual can change their life and be more joyful by simply changing their perspective. Get your life in order and design it to enhance its quality.

What’s Inside the Book?

The authors dive deep into hard-hitting questions, provoking honest answers in readers.

Some of the activities in Designing Your Life include:

  • Introspective, hard-hitting questions
  • Various exercises, like mind mapping
  • Methods to brainstorm
  • Learning how to answer questions as if you always have an audience

Snippets of questions asked in this book

Here are a few practice questions the authors ask, prompting a close look at how you live your life and how to improve it:

  • Only 27% of college graduates have a career related to their majors. What did you think when you read that statistic? Are you among the 27%?
  • What experiences have you had with reframing, either in your career or personal life?
  • Did you perform all the exercises in the book? Which ones did you find most thought-provoking?
  • “Designing something changes the future that is possible.” What does this mean to you?
  • When you created your Odyssey Plans, which one set your heart racing? Was it a new discovery for you?
  • If the authors were in this room right now and asked you, “How’s it going?” how would you respond?

Additional worksheets include writing down daily and weekly reflections about your work life (What did I learn? What did I initiate? Who did I help?), pondering the Best Doable Option (BDO) vs. Best Theoretical Option (BTO) for your problems, an energy-engagement map, and many more.

These exercises and more will help you internalize and change the way you think. The authors suggest thinking of a well-designed life as if it were a portfolio. Add experiences, adventures, and failures to showcase who you are and how that has made you stronger and a better version of yourself.

Practice being your best self with this book and its companying test bank—design your life to be the most successful version of yourself!

What’s included in the Test Bank:

  • High quality faculty drafted practice test questions
  • Multiple choice questions and short answer questions with answers
  • Covering all chapters
  • Various difficulty levels



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