is using test bank academic dishonesty ?

Can My Teacher Accuse Me of Using the Test bank?


Students seem overly concerned when it comes to using test banks. Textbook publishers produce test banks to make exam-prep questions available to teachers. Publishers distribute their test banks to faculties who use their books. 

Faculties find publisher test banks pretty helpful when preparing test papers. They get ready-made questions to put on the test paper. It allows them to focus on teaching and other official work. 

Students could not use test banks in the past because they had no access to this material. Web technologies allowed users to upload genuine test bank files online. Now, millions of students buy and download question banks. They stay well-prepared for upcoming exams. The question bank helps them find exam prep questions. 

Teachers cannot accuse students of using a test bank. There are no regulations preventing students from accessing or using test banks for homework and exam preparations. 

Why do teachers not want students to use test banks?

As mentioned earlier, a test bank contains hundreds of important questions. Book publishers provide this material to help teachers and college faculties. Most instructors use questions as published on the question bank. They neither change the values nor the format of the question. 

Students, who use test banks, can quickly identify the right answers and pass the test. Teachers consider it academic dishonesty and some even call it cheating. In reality, you are not doing anything wrong. You are using publicly available study guide only to stay better prepared before the test. That’s what institutions want and that’s what you are doing. 

It is cheating when you are using external materials during the exam to answer questions. Most institutes do not allow students to carry such materials in the exam hall. Therefore, it is not cheating and it should not refrain you from using test banks. 

Why teachers should not worry about students using test banks?

Students are smart enough to not use anything prohibited in the exam. Modern courses contain a lot more information than ever before. Faculties choose the top books to cover the entire syllabus. Those books are pretty helpful for learning. 

End-of-chapter exercises, comprehensively explained topics, and other such perks make the textbook quite helpful. Students also prefer learning from books, but they may not have enough time. Regular assignments, extra curriculum activities, and other important chores give very little time for preparation.  

If teachers are busy with their official work, students are also busy due to numerous assignments. They cannot spend enough time learning everything. Many students are not skilled enough to memorize everything from the book. Question banks help those students focus on important topics. If students got the latest question bank, the risk of failure eliminates. Therefore, most students need that exam prep material. 


the benefits of test banks in preparing for exams


What are the advantages of test banks for students?

Teachers presume that test banks give users an unfair advantage over other students. There is no such thing because any student can buy and use the test bank. Some students choose to not use this material and rely thoroughly on textbooks. The following benefits will encourage all students to use test banks for exam preparation. 

  • Perfectly organized questions When students prepare for upcoming tests, they check all important questions. What if you did not attend lectures? You may not know which questions are important and which questions are not. 

The question bank only provides exam-prep questions. All those questions are available in a well-organized form. Publishers organize questions according to chapters. That kind of organization helps users pick and prepare selected quizzes for all upcoming tests. 

  • Test banks save students’ time

Students got pretty limited time to prepare for lengthy subjects. Institutions expect students to focus on their studies and participate in various other activities. If the subject is tough, most students won’t prepare for it perfectly. Besides, many students may not have sufficient time before the test to pass the exam. 

Question banks come to rescue students when they got a few weeks to prepare for the final test. Students can prepare selected questions from each chapter. Thus, they can cover all chapters and revise them twice before the exam. It saves preparation time and prepares students for the toughest exams. 

  • The best material to prepare mock tests

Most students use mock tests to accelerate their exam preparations. What if an online mock test contains out-of-syllabus questions? It will affect your preparations and prevent you from focusing on important chapters. 

If you buy the test bank for your textbooks now, you can prepare many mock tests. It will be the best material for group studies. You can take the support of your friends to prepare tough papers and try to solve questions. 

Faculties also use the question bank to prepare mock tests for college and school students. You cannot be sure whether your instructor is using a question bank or book to prepare mock tests. Therefore, you should buy this material to prepare unique mock tests before the exam. 

  • Test banks prevent cheating

It may surprise many faculties but test banks prevent cheating. Students do not need to cheat when they have learned all the important chapters. The question bank provides everything students need to cover to pass the test. Students stay focused on learning and revise multiple times before the test. 

Since the student feels confident before the test, he/she does not need to cheat to pass the test. It resolves the biggest issue associated with exams and therefore teachers should allow students to use test banks.  

Why do instructors need the test bank?

Schools and colleges hire the best instructors to provide knowledge, explain complex topics, and prepare students for tough tests. Talented teachers know many ways of engaging students in their studies. They use the best textbooks and additional learning resources to teach difficult concepts and theories. 

If some students are not attending lectures regularly, they may fail the test. Therefore, teachers conduct monthly tests to keep students prepared for the final test. It takes time to prepare question papers. Therefore, book publishers distribute question banks to offer easy access to exam-prep questions. 

It may take a few minutes to create a challenging test paper if you got the test bank. Faculties know the benefits of test banks. Therefore, they frequently use this exam-prep material while teaching tough subjects. 

Why can’t your teacher ban the test bank?

Are test banks banned in American schools and colleges? No, there is no ban on the usage of this exam-prep material. Even though book publishers do not sell question banks, the latest version is available online. You can find a new test bank for the latest version of any textbook. 

Test banks are legit exam-prep materials. Nobody is going to ban them. However, so-called academic experts consider it academic dishonesty if students use test banks. They know students won’t fail the test if they got the test bank. Therefore, they want to prevent learners from buying test banks

What can you do if someone accuses you of cheating? You should strongly object and share the reason behind the usage of this exam-prep material. It is totally up to students whether they wish to use the question bank or not. Nobody has the right to prevent students from accessing the exam prep material. 

Many teachers now allow students to use test banks because of the following reasons:

  • Test banks improve students’ performance

Parents send their kids to the best institutes to learn from the best teachers and grow faster. Some students take time in grasping difficult concepts and they seek extra help. Such students do not clarify their confusion and face the risk of failure. 

Test banks only reveal important topics. If students got this material, they can use online lectures and textbooks to cover difficult topics. It will improve their knowledge and prevent the risk of failure. 

Millions of students try this tactic to improve their knowledge. They learn faster and pass tests without any trouble. It also improves teachers’ and the institute’s image. Therefore, faculties should allow students to use the test bank. 

  • Genuine test banks are readily available online

Question banks are not a rare thing to find anymore. Book publishers or other sources upload the latest test banks online as they release. Therefore, students can readily buy and download those files on their mobile or desktop devices. 

Genuine files cover new chapters and provide both new and old questions. If students get test banks along with their books, they can start exam preparations pretty early. Suppose there are some tough subjects, students can learn those subjects sincerely. It will make instructors’ jobs easier because students will focus more on tough topics and chapters. 

Use test banks confidently

My teachers accused me of cheating when I revealed how I prepared for the test. They said I was not supposed to use that material because it is academic dishonesty. I asked them why it is cheating or how I cheated in the exam. None of my teachers could give a logical reason behind their accusation. They tried to take away my achievement in previous tests and I strongly objects. 

I prepared smartly for the test and therefore my performance was way better than other students. My classmates agree with my method and they also follow my exam preparation tactics. You should do the same if you wish to prove your excellence on mark sheets. 


by Katrin Ma

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