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Downloadable Test Bank – Principles of Accounting Volume 1 – Financial Accounting by OpenStax


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Diving into Financial Accounting can be daunting for some business students. The Principles of Accounting – Vol1 Financial Accounting, published by OpenStax, is gaining a lot of attention as respected  introductory Financial Accounting textbook. And since Financial Accounting is filled with many computation method, formulas, and theories, some students might find this class a challenging one.  Having a reliable study guide to help you in your exam preparations is the only thing that differentiates between passing a class and mastering it.


Introducing the official exam prep for Principles of Accounting by Openstax (Financial version)! A solid resource to help you deal with the obstacles of Principles of Financial Accounting.  This resource features a wide range of test questions that cover theory, application, and calculations. This comprehensive coverage makes it the ideal guide students can use in order to pass and master financial accounting principles class.

Here are some highlights of this Test Bank:

  • Over 1500 faculty written questions, covering the whole book with its 16 chapters.
  • Covering the theory as well as the calculation aspects .
  • Questions that meet the needs of all students from average to extremely smart.
  • Convenient downloadable version.
  • Developed by experienced professors and authors.
  • Adopted by institutions such as the University of Maryland, Houston Community College, and Portland Community College.



This official practice Test Bank is your trusted partner, guiding you through each chapter to gain the needed practical experience to ensure you are fully prepared for your upcoming accounting  exams. So why wait? get your copy of the test bank and secure amazing grades in your Principles of Accounting class.


Who curated the questions in the Exam Prep?

The exam questions are created by professors with in-depth experience with Accounting textbooks.

My Principles of Accounting course uses different textbook. Can I still use this test bank?

While this Test Bank is specifically designed to align with the Principles of Accounting, Volume 1, Financial Accounting by OpenStax, the fundamental concepts of financial accounting remain consistent across most textbooks. Therefore, you will still find the test bank helpful for studying and understanding core principles of financial accounting.

Why I should buy the test bank If there are plenty of examples and questions in the textbook?

By using the test bank, you gain access to a wider range of questions that cover all aspects of the course, including those that might NOT be covered in the textbook. In other words, Test bank will introduce you to all possible scenarios and questions that might be asked in an exam. Therefore, a test bank is a great tool that supplements your textbook

What are the major topics covered in the test bank?

Some of the major topics covered in this textbook include:
Basic principles of accounting, Financial statements including the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement, Inventory, Liabilities and equity.


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